MetaTrader 4 VS XCritical Trading Platform

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Variety of trading platforms is so huge that it can confuse any trader, both experienced and professional. Many people look at reviews of these platforms, read reviews, study ratings. But what can be accurately relied upon, if it is known that paid reviews are sometimes posted, and reviews can be non-objective? There is actually something that speaks for itself: it is a reputation. Eminent platforms will never allow their reputation to fall and will keep the brand. Also, the platform may be less famous, but very well-established. And this is also hard to miss. Such terminals have a thoughtful engine, high-quality development, and reliable data protection.

According to the specialists of XCritical official site, the platform meets all the above requirements.

So, in this article, we will talk about such examples of trading terminals and compare their features. We will talk about MetaTrader 4, which is known to every trader, and about innovative XCritical. But before we consider each of these platforms, let’s talk about what qualities that define a premium trading terminal.

About Trading Platforms 


A platform for trading on Forex market, or a trading terminal, is nothing more than software that allows you to interactively attend international currency market and make various transactions on it. Brokerage companies can also call platforms trading clients, but for end users, all these names mean the same thing.

How to choose the best trading platform


It is better to choose a trading platform for Forex market independently, without relying on a few promotional reviews. To do this, you need to make a list of characteristics and capabilities offered by platform developers, then choose which of them are a priority for you and build your internal platform rating.

Qualities of reliable trading platform

In principle, almost all existing platforms for Forex market are convenient in their individual way. Here we can say, that how many people have so many opinions, but there are also objective parameters that you should not forget when choosing a platform, these are:


1. Program speed and performance. Some programs have low speed and performance, which affects both delay in graphical display of quotes and timeliness of deals made. And it often can be happened, that day traders lose their balance when program slows down, although those who do not trade intraday may not give it any importance.

  • Functionality. What is hidden under this parameter? Number of analytical tools, including technical indicators and charts and number of timeframes (time intervals) for them. For each trader many factors are important:
  • number of the synchronous opening of windows with quotes, 
  • possibility of writing your own indicator and automated trading, 
  • availability of programs for automated trading (expert robots or advisers)
  • modes and types of orders for transactions
  • fundamental analysis services and the economic calendar
  • coverage of financial markets and trading platforms
  • number of available financial instruments.

2. Convenience of the interface. Intuitive clarity of the interface, ability to customize it, color scheme are important factors affecting the comfort of trading on Forex market. Moreover, as is well known: first impression is based on visuality, so first reaction of users depends on the design

3. Security. The security of transactions and confidentiality, of course, are embedded in platform, and these factors also depend on brokerage company you choose.

4. Mobility. Here, mobility means not only the ability to download and install program on mobile devices, which is very important in the modern world. But it’s about also compatibility of program with various operating systems on which it can crash or refuse completely, in which case you will have to buy smartphones and tablets for the program, and vice versa not.

So, XCritical official site have meets all the above standards. This is confirmed by positive reviews about the platform.

How to avoid scummers


Most often, traders are faced with deception in forex market by brokers. Moreover, methods of deception can be both explicit and hidden. Considering that private traders with small deposits don’t have access directly to the foreign exchange market, they are forced to trade through brokerage companies and dealing centers. In fact, trader exchanges with a broker, and he already sends his applications for Forex, acting as an intermediary. This allows cheating companies to deceive customers.

One of the best signs of a broker’s reliability is a certificate. For example, it is very important for a trader to confirm his honesty by at least one of them:

  • NFA (National Futures Association);
  • CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Committee);
  • FSA UK (The Financial Services Authority);
  • CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission);
  • Swiss FINMA (Swiss Financial Markets Authority);
  • USA – FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority);
  • SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation), etc.

If you have found a license or certificate, it is desirable to check authorities that issued them, as companies often place documents of non-existent organizations with loud and “serious” names on their websites. Scammed by XCritical submitted by other platforms that cannot compete fairly.

It is best to choose a broker who works in trader’s country of residence because you’ll have an opportunity to sue him if he turns out to be a cheater. Or it can be a well-known and reliable foreign company that values ​​its reputation. Be sure to read reviews and comments, learn the features of work in the market to understand how fraud is carried out when trading forex or binary options.

We advise you to be attentive. As presence of minimum commissions and low spread, with the promises about “golden mountains” and bonuses from company, the site of which is created on a free engine, should at least raise suspicion.


However, what does indicate that the platform is reliable? It’s several points:

  • World-class certificate;
  • Confirmation of awards and documents;
  • Own engine and software;
  • Proven reputation;
  • Real reviews.

Operational feedback and customer support

Therefore, to protect yourself from all sorts of “masters”, you need to take a sober look at trade and understand all processes and phenomena well.

Only knowledge will distinguish a real professional who is able to give practical advice from a fraudster who tried to cash in on clients. Truly successful traders do not offer universal recipes but provide an opportunity to earn, provided that newcomer has the ability and knowledge to use the proposed product.

XCritical for the right trading decisions


For successful trading in the trading market, XCritical is presented in two versions: a simplified and an extended version. The user can switch the interface from simple to more complex settings. Additionally, platform supports Android and IOS systems, that why user can make transactions at any time.

Why beginners and experienced traders choose XCritical? XCritical has successfully combined all the data necessary for trading. Materials are systematized in graphs and tables, traders connect up-to-date data, make transactions profitably and quickly. More than 100 financial instruments, detailed data on assets, recommendations for making transactions, various trading units are taken into account. Transactions are made automatically, which additionally saves the client’s time. Scammed by XCritical are excluded. This anti-advertising is launched by competitors.

In addition, market analytics is provided with detailed recommendations for making sure profits, start and end times of the transaction.

The platform meets all the conditions for working with securities, digital currency, etc. The software is easy to adapt to the requirements of the user, connecting the necessary functions. As a result, it is easier and faster to perform technical analysis of the market. This is especially true for beginner traders. If necessary, trader can connect a built-in adviser that helps in buying / selling, as well as in finding new customers.

Thus, from XCritical a trader can work 24/7, be aware of the latest market news, and all this in one click. And this XCritical rezension shows how effective and convenient the platform is to use.

Why do traders like MetaTrader 4


The MetaTrader 4 platform has all the necessary functionality for trading. At disposal of trader an impressive set of graphical tools and indicators, a news feed, quotes and graphs, updated in real time. Program allows you to work with any number of open windows with its own indicators and settings for each of them. In addition, it can work with such types of graphs as linear, Japanese candles and bars. MetaQuotes Software Corp. developed this software for trading on Forex market in 2005. It replaced MetaTrader 3 and had a number of innovations and services compared to previous version. In new version, the client terminal was most functional and in demand among brokerage companies, it created an environment for developing its own trading strategies for automated trading, and platform itself received a new distributed architecture.

Relevance and reliability

This platform remains very productive today, which is important for brokerage companies – it can serve more than 10,000 traders simultaneously on a medium-capacity computer.


MetaTrader 4 has something to love because it has everything that defines a professional platform:

  •       perfect security mobile and automatic trading;
  •       tremendous analytic functionality;
  •       flexibility of settings;
  •       possibility of programming.

MetaTrader 4 is a popular trading and analytical platform for working in Forex market, which allows trading currencies, stocks, precious metals and CFDs on stock market indices. Its merits are undeniable.

However, there is a no less worthy trading platform. About this one, you will learn more.

XCritical Trading Platform Overview


XCritical trading platform is rightfully considered a high-tech product on the world market. XCritical website includes many performance advantages over other existing systems.

Clients have the opportunity to perform all the necessary trading operations directly on platform.

XCritical promises for the client not only a positive trading experience. Here you can receive an automatic transfer of information about the trader to the sales department. So you can quickly and efficiently use data to increase profits.

XCritical has its own story. Company was founded by financial experts. The initial goal of the company was to improve work of the broker. To this end, founders decided to perform an important task: to create software with convenient functionality. Functionality of the platform had to take control of various internal tools for brokerage and effectively integrate. This was to significantly increase sales and benefit the marketing department, not to mention maximizing the conversion.

So today, XCritical is a software developer. The company specializes in Forex solutions. XCritical official site offers products for both small and large e-commerce service providers. The company was created in collaboration with Deltix – a leading software provider, multiple winners of awards in financial industry.

How to trade from XCritical platform


XCritical is a respectable and well thought out platform. A trader can successfully trade Forex, exchange currencies and create profitable trades. User can appreciate all the benefits:

  • Formation of market;
  • Different types of performance;
  • Modern design;
  • 100% mobile support;
  • Lightning Performance.

The platform team has thought through every detail. In order to register, you just need to submit an application, and you can also get a free consultation. Further, procedure is standard, as for all users of any platform: data entry, data confirmation, first deposit, and interface mastering.

In any case, XCritical platform is very reliable, so the trader can feel here.

XCritical features and options


XCritical is designed to optimize all processes in any Forex company. The platform is integrated with CRM, has great functionality and is capable of processing impressive data sets.

Company has the widest range of forex trading coverage. For this, she developed three tools.

  1. CRM XCritical: A customer service system that helps brokers and their partners improve performance. This is a simple and effective implementation of various work tasks within the system. Here you can implement all work tasks directly in this system:
  •       Calls to customers;
  •       Sending SMS signals;
  •       Task optimization.

And much more without even need to switch between windows.

  1.  XCritical analysts: allows you to monitor the performance of KPIs of all departments and reports on company profits. Based on a detailed analysis of indicators, you can make informed and balanced decisions that will significantly increase your income. Convenient customized settings allow you to integrate and before analysis data on any mobile device. It is worth noting that this is an innovative solution for traders and their partners working with the MT4 platform.
  2. XCritical Trading Platform. As a matter of fact, this is a full-fledged system for trading on Forex. Trading terminal includes a full range of all tools for successful management of trading. XCritical links real-time data arrays with various trading functions. Platform is available in several languages ​​and offers the opportunity to use 385 trading options.

The advantages of using the platform do not allow to claim that XCritical scammers.

Mobile Trading


The development of international company XCritical is now available on both Android and iOS. The application is completely free and allows you to evaluate the trading platform capabilities at any time. Available from XCritical app:

  •       Trading with any of 170 financial tools;
  •       Following high accuracy predictions;
  •       On push notifications;
  •       Position management, set;
  •       Stop Loss and Take Profit right on chart;
  •       Round-the-clock support for online chat professionals;
  •       Simple trade opportunities in 1 click.

Application is available for free download. Completely safe for your smartphone and convenient to use. The platform has an integral CRM feature. It makes all trading processes well optimized. For trader it will be weighty advantage.

Advantages of XCritical Trading Platform


With XCritical online platform, you can earn money in the most dynamic and exciting market in the world –  Forex market. XCritical trading platform is enhanced performance and accuracy, a variety of effective trading tools, comfort, and ease of use.

XCritical is the official partner of Council on Professional Qualifications of Financial Market and the National Association of Financial Market.

A breakthrough in the field of trading occurred thanks to the latest development – XCritical. Unlike all platforms, only here there is a huge number of indicators, an asset chart for a long time, and not just for last couple of hours. In the platform settings, you can switch the theme design to a dark color scheme, especially for night traders. Here you can view News of day, daily analytics, economic calendar, and other data, while you do not need to switch anywhere.

6 reasons to prefer XCritical Trading Platform

Reason 1. Trade at the world level. Trade anywhere and with anyone, make profitable deals and share your experience with the best traders in the world.

Reason 2. Ability to use mobile devices. Access to Forex market is available from any device. You can download the mobile app for trading and use it whenever you want.

Reason 3. Design created with the latest innovations. Users will love the brevity and style of the interface. In addition, there is convenient functionality and a clear site map.

Reason 4. Additional options. XCritical offers traders more features than any similar platform for Forex trading. Here you will find everything that you need: charts, options for managing a trading account, data analysis, and even one click trading.

Reason 5. Collaboration with the CRM system. XCritical is thoroughly synchronized with its own CRM system. Thanks to this, brokers who use both products, which gives brokers who use both products more control over data and competitive advantage.

Reason 6. Better technical capabilities. XCritical is known for high-speed order execution. A trader can receive Forex trading signals directly to platform. Thanks to the built-in Autochartist advisor, customers can receive effective technical analysis results. All in order to make trade more profitable.

So, the stated reasons for using the platform suggest that nobody could be scammed by XCritical.


Support IOS, Android

Mobility and quick response to market changes are the main criteria for success in trading. Therefore, platform supports all types of devices for convenience. The work is stable, fast and uninterrupted. Application instantly responds to user actions.

Can be connected to a PC, tablet or smartphone, supports IOS, Android. As a result, it is convenient to track news, make sales or purchases in one click. This is indicated on the XCritical official site.

XCritical is a leading product in the global market

Platform has proven to be effective and has many application benefits. One of them is interfacing with a CRM system, etc. This provides an opportunity to engage not only in the main activity, but also to provide up-to-date data to the sales department, increasing the client base.

With XCritical, it is possible to automate work with Forex clients, namely:

  1. User can keep records of deposits, connect several payment processing systems, maintain a report on payments, incl. about unfulfilled or unsuccessful payments.
  2. Convenience in working with the data of the company’s customers. User can maintain personal, marketing, trade and other data on existing customers. Additionally, data search is configured using a set of filters.
  3. Interfacing with trading platforms like MT4.
  4. Additional functions of the platform such as calling customers, sending SMS messages.
  5. Opening and closing of transactions of the company with clients.

XCritical provides a strong level of data security. Each user independently selects settings with several levels of data access. Today, the platform has been criticized by competitors, spreading rumors that XCritical cheating. And yet a lot of positive reviews say otherwise.

Thus, XCritical is an effective way to attract customers, maintain the required level of sales, maintain a marketing and sales base.

XCritical: assistant for beginner traders

For novice traders, the platform provides a round-the-clock assistant, whose work is automated. This is a bot that reads the algorithms of trader’s work and creates Al-algorithms based on the received data. XCritical SmartBot XCritical SmartBot provides up-to-date and accurate information. Information is formed on the basis of key indicators, assessment and on the basis of the market situation.

As a result, the user receives round-the-clock support, excludes cooperation with specialists. Offers many forex scenarios.

Using XCritical SmartBot XCritical SmartBot provides the following benefits:

  1. Provides up-to-date trading market information. The smart bot provides data on all assets. Provides recommendations, news and schedule of economic events.
  2. Reduces the burden on support and consultants. With the help of the service it is convenient to maintain data, upload documents, provide answers to the main questions in the work.
  3.  Increases the number of conversions. XCritical SmartBot XCritical SmartBot helps to choose the right services for depositing and withdrawing funds. Approximately 10% of the XCritical audience is already actively using the bot.
  4.  An indispensable assistant to a broker. With the help of the service, it is quick and easy to conduct transactions and manage a large amount of data.

Thus, the XCritical platform provides many useful services, equipped with functions that greatly facilitate the work of the broker. So it can’t be that XCritical scammers. Therefore, negative statements in the direction of the platform are mainly related to the work of competitors. Few of them can provide such a wide range of services.

Quotes and opinions about XCritical Trading Platform

Of course, any trader will be interested to know what users think about this service? Here you can see different XCritical reviews. Please note that here XCritical is identified with the Maxi Markets platform, as one of the main partners. Therefore, we can assume that we are talking about the same platform.


Good day. I do not know with which experts you work, that and how. You have to understand one thing, if you rely only on an expert, then this is stupid and not the company is to blame for your losses, I personally am fine. I can say that it is an excellent company, where the manager explained everything, showed and answered all the questions. There was an excellent manager, and expert John, who talked with me for a very long time. I don’t know about the withdrawal, but he told me right away that there are certain delays the first time trading terminal is set up, this is exactly what happened. Sometimes results happen in a minus, but everything will not be fabulous here, and plus overlaps my minus, and I will not conceal it happens that I do not earn anything in a day. I do not want to agitate, but this is case when there’s someone who works hard and has a desire to achieve results, and someone thinks that everything will be presented to him on a gold plate. And is it stupid to blame for one’s not good luck. I really read XCritical reviews all this for a long time and I was surprised at the reviews, and my manager told me that people who earn very rarely write reviews, but I am grateful to them if it can help someone.


I don’t know how they blackmailed you there, but I really like working with the broker MaxiMarkets and XCritical platform. True, it did not immediately come. At first, simple and quiet communication with managers did not help, as they pressed me somewhat. Then either the composition was changed, or policy of the company, but now managers talk with me only in case and not often.

The terminal and its work are beyond praise, and as for scalping, it is a very thing. I use SMS signals most often as well as intraday. I don’t rush to take a lot of them – more often I take pictures even before the first take. Well, I have such a high-speed nature and it is expressed in my trading. Everything else – insurance, bonuses, personal expert – I do not recommend (personally, my IMHO – don’t borrow, don’t ask for help and don’t be afraid of the consequences of your decisions — you still have to answer). Yes, one more important thing is withdrawal of money. Earlier it was still driving you crazy – well, what can you check in a week? The rest is all good.

If you watch, all brokers can be criticized. Even the best metatrader 4 is sometimes “scolded” for slow work or failures. But as practice shows, sometimes the platform develops, as well as its services.


What I can tell you. Forex offers its customers a free trading platform MetaTrader 4, which is fully optimized for trading in Forex market. After installing the platform and opening a trading account, be it a real account, be it a demo account, you will have access to trade a variety of instruments: currency quotes, stocks of large companies, stock market indices, metals, and so on. In MetaTrader 4, you can create your own trading strategies, conduct technical analysis, develop and use advisors for more comfortable trading. Also, MetaTrader 4 can be used on mobile terminals. Install the platform on your phone and you can control your account being on a business trip or on vacation. Also, MetaTrader 4 platform allows you to set trailing, take profits and stop lines so that you can protect your deposit from losses. Some users complain about the slow execution of their orders for closing or opening, the so-called slippage. So, MetaTrader 4 platform has been designed in such a way that slippage is reduced to nothing.

Like most brokers, they have strengths and weaknesses. Here you cannot really collect all best from all brokers and do everything in one? I do not understand. Here is the same entrance 500 ye. Not everyone is ready to lay out this amount at once. And with a smaller depot to trade difficult, because the conditions are not simplest. On the other hand, the distribution of signals and very good analytics. Among other things, also the fastest terminal I’ve ever seen. In General, you can trade and give. It is necessary to go with a fairly large amount and already have experience in trading.


I want to tell you my story. I started with 500, read these horrible reviews, brought back, checked everything was fine, took 3 days to the truth, threw another 5,000, earned 500, purely from the principal asked to withdraw 6,000, 5,500 mine and 500 profits, and… Bingo! I removed, only one minus, manager is all time said the output to the card, but it turned out that 5500 to the card and 500 to Qiwi, offered to a bank account but warned that it would take 3-5 days to wait, they brought out to Qiwi for 12 hours, so I do not understand what it is about, everything is fine I work with Alex, everything suits!

I advise everyone to contact an expert and this broker in general. I have been in many companies, I will say this, out of 10 companies, only 2 were withdrawn! Rest disappeared like mice, so the maxi really infers! MB, you did something and everything is to blame for you. No need to exaggerate, those people who lose that kind of money do not sit for days on the Internet and do not write any heresy! These people just do not have time for this! Maxi put a solid 7 out of 10!

As you can see, how many people have so many XCritical reviews. Even MT4 can get a negative review. Yes, of course, there are fraudsters. But you cannot constantly blame someone for deception if you deceive yourself, isn’t it?

XCritical Trading Platform or MetaTrader 4? 

So, we know that MT4 is the most reliable and popular platform. And also we know that XCritical is a well-thought-out trading terminal with a diverse range of useful functions. And if you imagine that between these platforms you need to choose which one is better to prefer?

First, let’s briefly weigh pros and cons of each platform.


XCritical Trading Platform: pros and cons

Speaking of an innovative platform, XCritical has already established itself as a well thought out and secure system. Any trader will be interested in unambiguous advantages of the trading terminal:

  • Communication with CRM, which allows you to maintain contact with customers and to establish a trading process.
  • Analytical tools. We have already mentioned XCritical Analytics. A convenient system structures all the data in your transactions, as it will show a clear state of the market.
  • Data security. System developed by the best software specialists. Encoding, data security, privacy: your information and money will be saved.
  • Trade in one click. A very handy feature that speeds up and simplifies trading.

Clear and easy to use interface. Everything is clear here, there are no problems with work of the service, all necessary tools are visible, and there is no need to switch between the windows.

Of course, there is nothing perfect in this world, so XCritical also has its drawbacks:

  • paid service;
  • little information about the platform.

And yet, if you think about it, good service always costs money, no matter what the service is. The platform is proven and has many partners in various countries and collaborates with the best platforms. So we can’t say that XCritical cheating people.


MetaTrader 4: pros and cons

Despite the apparent abundance of trading terminals, MetaTrader 4 platform still remains the most popular. Statistics show that it is preferred by more than 90% of Forex traders.

Is MT4 the best solution for trading on Forex or is it something else behind its popularity? For a more detailed review we can consider MetaTrader 4 terminal and possible alternatives and make a comparison. But shortly, today, MetaTrader 4 is now the most in demand and is the leader of trade platforms. And this is understandable because the trading terminal is simple and easy to use. It has several varieties that can be used by traders who trade using mobile devices – PDAs, smartphones, iPhones and other devices.

Advantages of MT4:

  • One of the most convenient interfaces, which is recognized as one of the best.
  • Convenient functionality with three types of graphs, graphical tools and updated news.
  • Ability to conduct a test of advisers.
  • You can create new advisors and indicators using the MQL test.
  • 128-bit encryption system and electronic signatures protect your data
  • Data, quotes and transactions are saved, they can always be viewed.
  •  And of course, the platform is completely free.

 Disadvantages of MT4 include:

  • Swaps are not fixed and not charged.
  • Novice traders also complain about the inability to maintain swaps, because at the same time it is necessary to adjust swap points manually, which will lead to errors, and further worsen the quality of work. But you can cope with this using a free expert advisor or changing parameter
  • At the end of each day, the positions of trades are automatically closed, after which they open again but with a slight price shift.

What is the best one?

In fact, MT4 and XCritical cannot be compared. Here, rather, it is about similarity of these platforms. Both of them have exactly the qualities that define this trading platform. This is about reliability, status, data protection, and customer money. Each of these platforms is thought out so that both of them have the best interface among analogs.


MT4 does not need to be presented. Any trader will say that this is a reliable platform.

XСritical already on the site is impressive with its well-thought-out interface, streamlined functions, and harmony in the processes. The trader here has all the cards in his hands: process management, customer relations, data analysis, reporting, and many other equally useful functions.

Both platforms work closely together. We can say about each of them that they do not need to prove their reliability because they have all the properties of the best terminals:

  • certification;
  • convenient interface;
  •  data security;
  • fast and quick work;
  •  accessibility from mobile devices.

Each of these platforms has its advantages, as well as disadvantages. But honestly, what is perfect? Of course, if you take issue in price, then MT4 definitely wins. After all, platform is free and popular. But MT4 does not have the functionality that XCritical website obeys. And professional traders have to pay a little.

In favor of a paid trading platform, we can cite one weighty argument. The fact is that Pay software, with most brokers, guarantees not only legal data from the exchange in real time but also reliability in general. One failure in home-made platform and the trader can lose significantly more than the subscription fee for quality. This is often the reason for the money lost by traders.

Therefore, trust proven platforms and let them help you earn amazing income!



Today there are several trading platforms: some are designed for all traders, others are only for professionals, some are intended for trading currency pairs and futures, while others also allow trading binary options. The choice of a platform is a matter of taste and preferences of trader, as well as his experience and level of market knowledge.

Choosing the right trading terminal can be very difficult and confusing. In the end, there are a lot of platforms, and there are a lot of opinions about feedback, so there are so many people. Therefore, there are certain criteria that allow determining platform for reliability. This is the reasonableness of the system, the smooth operation of its work, the availability of certificates and partners. And of course, do not forget about reputation.

If we talk about the most common platform – MetaTrader, then now mostly traders download the 4th version of this platform, although some prefer the latter, the 5th. It is MetaTrader that brokers most often offer to their clients since this platform has already proven its reliability and usability. This terminal allows you to open multiple currency charts at same time, overlay indicators, use trading robots and apply a variety of strategies.

However, in addition to the eminent trading terminal, there is also a very insecure partner who will appeal to any trader.

XCritical official site created with latest IT developments contains a maximum of useful qualities:

  • CRM platform;
  • Analysis;
  • Built-in counselor;
  • Thoughtful interface.

Software will allow you to quickly and efficiently manage data, increase your profits, and improve the level of skill in the trade.

And in fact, it is impossible to say which of described platforms is better. We just talked about what qualities a professional trading platform should have and described those that most closely match the required criteria.

Real Quotes about xCritical

Thoughts on “MetaTrader 4 VS XCritical Trading Platform

Tabitha says:

I trade with XCritical relatively not long ago, probably not even half a year has passed. I was surprised at how high-quality trading terminal, nothing slows down, quotes are very high quality, the execution of trade orders at altitude. I can say that XCritical scammers – it’s false. I do not like to sit all day at the terminal, place pending orders, then watch results – for such a strategy, you need a good execution of orders. The broker’s website has a very good selection of training materials, there is also an analyst – I don’t use it, I have a subscription to a foreign resource. I withdraw funds from a bank card, for first time they withdraw it for quite a long time, I had about 5 days, then 2-3 days for a withdrawal.

Alex says:

Many accusations are written to almost every broker like XCritical cheating. They did not give bonuses there, they didn’t withdraw money, they blocked the account. One can agree with some because I got it myself, some make people think, and laugh at some, and this is sad. As for trade, this is sheer pleasure. Everything is so tuned, clear and understandable. For all the time working with them, I have never encountered problems, never received failures and other unpleasant moments. Everything is simple and cool. Perhaps this confirms view that a good trading platform should be paid. In practice, I have already seen that when you pay for services, you are provided with higher quality. XCritical is a pretty serious platform. You must first contact them in registration form. For questions about the terms and conditions among other things, they respond in detail and very politely. In general, I did not notice flaws and still work with them as with a reliable trading platform.

Jared says:

An excellent terminal for trading on Forex. From very beginning, I was trading with MT4 terminal. Fast order execution speed. A large number of advisors written for this terminal, as well as a huge number of indicators written, make this terminal suitable for any trader. Also, displaying graphs and tools can be very easily and flexibly customized. In addition very pleased with the function of copying transactions of other traders in this terminal. Then, a year later I decide to try XCritical. I wasn’t disappointed. It has some differences and it’s not for free. But it’s worth it because in general, it is a reliable and powerful platform

Mike says:

Result of my search for a platform for forex trading was XCritical. In spite of the fact that I have been trading forex for more than six years, I have not stayed anywhere for a long time. I did not know how to try trading, even in how many companies. Perhaps I tried ten or less until I decided to try to trade with this platform. The analyst feature left a positive impression immediately. I have never encountered a more convenient functionality anywhere. All graphics and all analysis at hand. I always know what is happening in market. It includes all the necessary tools for trading process and contact with partners. And I don’t know the problem when the trader cannot withdraw money or doesn’t know whom to ask for help. All insight and support works in 24/7 mode. Although I used to do analysis of the trading situation on my own, I didn’t always manage to determine the direction of trade even for one pair. Now, with the help of company analysts, I trade four pairs at a time, and this does not bother me at all. That is how I imagined a trading platform where you can trade without troubles. I found my place in forex, which I wish everyone!

Sharon says:

XCritical was a real discovery for me! Many traders will understand that it is very difficult to find a platform that would be so convenient and simple. I have lost a lot. Because of scummers, I’ve lost a lot of money. But XCritical saved me from a nightmare to stumble upon new cheaters.
Firstly, at very beginning, I was helped to start trading. Yes, there you need to register, leave a request for consultation. Then you may need a fee. But don’t be afraid, XCritical is not a scam. After registering you can enjoy all the available benefits of the platform.
To be honest, I know little platforms that allow you to manage all processes without switching between windows. I was very pleased with the opportunity to analyze the market. I also like the withdrawal system very much: they provide several ways to withdraw funds, and they all take a little time, at least from 1 hour to 3 days. Helpdesk is friendly and goes out of their way. I have been trading with them for a long time and I got a good salary. I succeeded thanks to fixed spreads and platform stability. I heard about bad reviews about this trade resource. But I know that XCritical will not work with scammers. In addition, most of the losses in the forex market are associated with a lack of knowledge.
From my side, I recommend the platform for sure. Maybe I’m just not used to a good platform. Several times I lost money and once I could not even return anything. I will not name the company, I will just say that after that I could not even contact them. Different cases were. But as for cases when I was be consulted on any issue and that there were so many necessary tools at hand… I saw this only in XCritical. And it is not to mention the atmosphere that was created for traders trading in resource. Here you never feel like a lonely trader. You can ask a question or to talk with another trader. Analytics is constantly sent to the post office to keep up to date. Trading is very nice in such a team. As for money losses, most often we lose money because of errors and bad faith of other platforms, brokers, partners. I am simply advising you to be attentive, read more proven literature and seek professional advice. Yes, you may have to pay for knowledge. But if you think so, it is better to lose a little on the payment for advice. Then to lose a lot by paying for ignorance. And let you be lucky in the trade!

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